Reasons why the canon printer keeps going offline?

If you wonder that “why does my Canon Printer keep going offline”, it might be because of outdated driver or incorrect printer drivers. Although there are many reasons by which your printer shows offline status such as jammed papers, disconnected cable, software problem, you need to troubleshoot these issues.

Reasons behind Canon Printer keep going offline

In addition to problems with the computer’s connections to the internet, the printer may also become offline for the following reasons:

Minor bugs or viruses

When your printer is affected by virus, it gives some indication like not responding to commands, not implementing security updates. You need to do is run the automatic cleaning function that most printers have to fix issues.

Another printer is the default printer

When another printer is choosen as default printer then also your printer show offline status. To change settings of default printer :
Select Start > Settings .
Go to Devices > Printers & scanners > select a printer > Manage>Set as default.

Outdated Printer drivers

Drivers act as translator between computer and printer. They also go out of date or also not compatible with system after an update so updating the canon printer driver has shown to be effective for Canon printer offline troubleshooting.

Physical damage to the printer

Leaving an empty ink cartridge in the printer is the worst way to damage printer which also results in printer problem.

Overuse/Underuse of Printer

When you overuse a printer, it results in overheating of the printer. The printer may then suddenly crash or stop printing. Also, when you use the printer less, dust gets accumulated in it and your printer stops working properly.

Connection Issues –

Check your internet connection. When necessary, unplug and replug the USB cable to give the printer a brief restart or refresh.

Installation Error –

If your printer is new and it doesn’t seen in “Printers and Scanners” menu from Devices then it could be installation error. You need to reinstall it to fix the problem.

Full Print Queue –

If your print queue is full then it will not allow you to print. To start printing you need to clear the queue first. Restart the device to print.

In Need of a Power Cycle –

Same as other electronics equipment’s, printer also needs power cycle. Unplugged the printer cord, turn it off and wait for approx. 30 seconds, now plug it again. This often fixes the printer offline problem.

Hardware Problem –

If none of the above problem found on your printer then it might be some hardware issue on your printer which makes it offline.

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