Why Does My Canon Printer keep Going Offline

Troubleshooting Guide For Canon Printer Offline Error

This article focuses on the Canon printer offline error. We have discussed the main reasons that lead to offline errors. Furthermore, in Write Up, we have explained effective troubleshooting steps for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Let’s Explore Reasons Behind- ‘Canon printer keep going offline’

Canon Printer Offline error occurs when the printer is unable to receive any print commands from the system. Common causes of this problem are briefly described below:

  • Default settings issue:- Wrong default printer settings may be the reason due to which your Canon printer goes offline. Therefore you need to make sure that your printer is selected as ‘Default Printer’.
  • Use Printer Offline Enable:- Offline Status option not disabled that’s why printer may be goes in offline state.
  • Printer spooler error:- A technical error in the printer spooler maybe the cause of this offline problem.
  • Inappropriate paper feeding:- The jamming of the printing sheets in the Canon printer is a common cause due to which you may face ‘Offline’ error. Therefore make sure that the papers are properly inserted in the Machine.
  • Issues with the USB:- A poor connection between the printer USB & the computer due to loose wiring may result in ‘Offline’ error. So make sure that the connection between printer and computer is made properly.
  • Due to the connection error:- Improper connection or no connection between the computer and Wifi router may break off the connection between printer & wi-fi router causing ‘offline’ error.

How to Get Canon Printer Back Online?

Is your canon printer continuously showing offline status? If this is so, then there must be some problem from which your canon printer is going through. Follow the below steps to get your Canon printer back online:

Step 1: Check The Printer’s Connectivity

You know your Canon Printer is Offline so start analyzing your printer’s wireless and wired connectivity. You can run certain checks to make sure the connection is working properly. here is the direction to check it out:

  • Check your USB cable and other wires.
why does my canon printer keep going offline
  • Ensure that your canon printer is connected well with a high-speed internet router.
  • Make sure that your printer is connected to the computer.
  • You can also remove and then reconnect your canon printer with a computer and wifi network.

Step 2: Check printer hardware

  • Check if there is no paper-jam issue. If yes then carefully resolve it, you can use the printer manual.
  • A Low-ink cartridge sometimes can make your printer go offline.
  • See if your printer is in sleep mode.

Step 3: Restart Printer Spooler Service

A simple restarting of Printer Spooler Service can get back your canon printer online in just a couple of seconds. To restart the print spool, go through the below-provided guidelines:

  • Click the “Start” button in your Windows system and then type “service” in the search box.
  • Then Click Services (Desktop app) from the result. Right-click on the “Print Spooler” tab.
  • Then tap the “Restart” button. Note: If the Restart option grayed out, click the Start tab instead.

why does my canon printer keep going offline
  • Right-click on Print Spooler again and this time choose “Properties”.
  • After that, set it as “Startup” type to be Automatic, click OK to save your settings.
  • Restart your PC now and then try to print your file to see if the printer is offline error has been solved.

Step 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Canon Printer for offline issue

Canon offline printer problem is probably due to an outdated printer driver. The solutions above may resolve it, but if they don’t, immediately reinstall your Canon printer driver. Here we explain in detail to download and install the updated Canon Printer Driver. So, check the following points:

  • Go to your Computer system “Settings” section, locate the “Printer & scanners” tab.
why does my canon printer keep going offline
  • Choose your Canon printer and then give a click on it to select the “Uninstall” tab.
  • The printer driver has now been removed from your system.
  • To install its updated version, go to the official canon printer website.
  • Locate the “download” section and find the right driver for your printer.
  • Download and install the latest printer driver.
  • Wait until the process completes, once done, Restart your printer and computer.

In this write-up, we have mentioned all the effective solutions for your Canon Printer Offline issue. The accurate implementation of the above troubleshooting guidance will convert your printer from Offline to Online in the least possible time.

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