Find the WPS Pin to Establish a Connection

When you are asked for the WPS PIN, it’s right on the screen of your printer. A message comes up when you are trying to connect your computer wirelessly to your printer. The PIN changes though. So, if you need to connect a different computer to your printer, your printer will provide another code. We have to find the WPS pin on the printer to establish a connection between the router and other accessible devices.

What is WPS PIN for Printer?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, it is an advanced and safe mode to connect network devices to any wireless network. You can configure your wireless printer directly with the Wi-Fi network with ease. Use the WPS Pin or WPS button, and connect to your printing and scanning device with the router in a hassle-free manner.

Step 1: Connect your Printer using the WPS Pin

Follow the steps given below to accomplish the task of connecting your Printer using WPS Pin:

  • Turn on the printer. If it is on, you need to restart it before moving to the next step.
  • Open the control panel of your printer and then tap the Settings > Wireless button. Then the light will start blinking.
  • Find and click Wi-Fi Protected Setup in the control panel of the printer, and then choose WPS PIN.
  • A WPS Pin will be generated on the printer. You should notice that the WPS pin will be there on the screen for 8-10 seconds. If it’s not working, you have to generate a new pin.
  • Enter the WPS pin for your printer on the computer screen and then your printer will be connected wirelessly with your device.

Step 2: Connect your Printer With WPS Button

  • Switch on your printer. Keep in mind that you have to restart your printer if it was already on.
where is the wps pin on my printer
  • Locate the printer wireless button and hold it until your lights start flashing.
  • Navigate to your wireless router or Wi-Fi modem and find the WPS button.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for 3 seconds at least to connect your printer to your wireless network.
where is the wps pin on my printer
  • Then the WPS light on your router will start blinking. Wait two minutes at least and check if the wireless light on your printer is steady blue light. If you see that, the light on the router’s WPS should stop blinking too.
  • Print a document from your computer wirelessly to check if the printer is connected.

Carefully follow the instructions mentioned above so that you no longer have to search for “where is wps pin on my printer” Hope the information helps. The answer can be learned from this post. In addition, you can connect your PC to your printers wirelessly with the given methods.