Does Monochrome Prints only in Black and White?

If you want a printer for home or personal use, then a color printer is best for you. But if you need a printer for printing a bulk quantity of documents that don’t require color printing, for example, official letters, cash memos, envelopes, and Resumes. Then, the ability of a printer to print in color becomes a non-value-adding feature.

what is a monochrome printer

Printers are an essential gadget for the workplace. However, if you print a large volume of documents regularly that don’t need color printing, then monochrome printers perform better than color printers.

Features of Monochrome Printers

The features of the monochrome printers vary depending on the business needs. The following are the best features that you should consider in the monochrome printer.

Fast Printing Speed

Whether it is a laser or inkjet printer, monochrome printers are faster than colored printers. Efficiency is the important factor to consider when printing hundreds of documents in one day, which is mostly the case with office settings.

So when buying monochrome printers, printing speed is an essential factor, as you can check this factor by printing one page of the document per minute (ppm). Monochrome printers are faster and can print around 30ppm on average, while faster printers can print up to 100 ppm.

High-Quality Output

Generally, the output quality depends on the Dots Per Inch (dpi) of the printer. This means, the higher the dpi the better the quality will be. If the dpi is higher, images and texts will appear sharper on the document rather the being blurry.

Another point that affects the output quality is whether you buy a laser or inkjet monochrome printer. Usually, laser monochrome printers can produce higher quality prints than inkjet printers.

So, if you want crystal clear prints, then go for the laser monochrome printers instead of the inkjet ones. However, if you want to stick to the inkjet printer, then always check the dpi of the printer.

Flexible and Efficient Paper Handling

The inexpensive business printers can print up to 150 pages input capacity, as these will work well for homes, offices, or small businesses and set-ups with fewer requirements.

But suitable, you should have the monochrome printer with an input capacity of 250 pages or more, at an affordable price. Moreover, suppose you want to get the printer with a higher input capacity. In that case, you should opt for the printer that features expandable paper input options to offer you to increase the input capacity.

Network Connectivity

Although almost all of the modern printers support networking features, for instance, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC. But still, some do not. These connectivity features allow a faster and more efficient workflow.

When buying a monochrome printer for your business, choose the one that has networking capabilities such as Near-Field Communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.


Now that you understand monochrome printing and know-how monochrome printers differ from other printers, you can now decide on what kind of printer you need to install in your office. Monochrome printers are cheaper and faster. Because of the many advantages of monochrome printing, a monochrome printer is a good option to have not only in your office but also at home..