Set up your TS3122 printer via a wireless connection

If you have a Canon Ts3122 printer, you should find out the wireless configuration of this printer on the Internet that will guide you in connecting your printer. Then you should choose the operating system used on your PC, whether it is Windows, Linux, Mac, or Another. If you are looking to canon ts3122 wifi set up your printer to a computer via a wireless connection, then you should know two things:

Preparing to Install Canon Pixma Ts3122 Printer

Go through the below-noted points and prepare your device before start installing it:

  • Plug the cable into the Canon printer and then press the “ON” button. If you require an Ethernet connection for your Canon printer to access the Internet, plug the cable at one end into the printer and another end into the router.
ts3122 canon printer
  • If you have a Canon printer installation CD, insert the CD into your disc drive on your computer or laptop and run the installation software. Follow the on-screen prompted instructions after inserting the installation CD.
  • You have to search the manual instructions that came with your printer to connect your printer design to the internet. If you do not have manual instruction, open the official website of Canon printer, click “Help”, select Manuals, click Printer, and then choose your printer model number from the given list.
  • Make sure that your computer and Canon printer are on the same network to allow your printer for responding to the commands properly.

Steps to Connect Canon Ts3122 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • First, turn on the printer. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the indicator light shines. Make sure the blue light shines.
ts3122 canon printer
ts3122 canon printer
  • Turn on the WPS button on your access point for 2 minutes. Blue light Flash will continue blinking while searching for your access point.
ts3122 canon printer
  • Once it is connected to the access point, the power light and Wi-Fi will flash.
  • If the process succeeds, the electric and Wi-Fi lamps will stop both naps and remain.
  • Try to print the network settings of your printer to confirm whether the process is successful or not.

How to Connect Canon Pixma Ts3122 on Windows?

The steps here will aid the users to connect their Canon Pixma Ts3122 printer on Windows using the USB cable.

  • Once the printer is plugged into the computer, the window system will start installing the printer setup.
  • Be careful not to ON the printer until it is asked in the setup process.
  • Plug the right end of the USB cable that you received with the printer into the USB port on your printer.
  • Here, plug the other end of the USB cable into the free USB port on your PC.
  • Hit the start button. Select open “Devices and Printers” from the Control Panel.
ts3122 canon printer
  • Select the local printer option after clicking on the “Add a printer” option.
  • Next, the user will come across a Canon option pop up on your window screen.
  • Select it and chose your printer type. Once you are done, hit the “Next” button
  • Hit finish if you want to keep your printer as the default printer.
  • Congratulations on this step your Canon Pixma ts3122 printer will be connected to Windows.