How do I Turn on Bluetooth on Epson Printer?

Bluetooth is one technology that lets you send documents or photos to a printer without needing to physically connect the printing device to a computer, mobile, or laptop. Bluetooth is now accessible with a lot of printers and the Epson printer is one of them. When you want to connect the Epson printer with Bluetooth,continue reading

Manually Clean the Print Head on Epson Printer

how to clean epson printer head

If your printer is printing blurry images, leaving lines. Understand that if the print quality of the Epson printer depending on your business has decreased, then you need to clean Epson printer head. Over time, dried ink can clog the print heads, which can cause light or dark bands to appear on your printed document.continue reading

Effective methods to print a test page

After you have successfully installed a printer, you should print a test page. Printing a test page can also help to analyze the source of a printing error. It provides information on whether the printer is really working properly. Step-by-step instructions on how to print a Test Page in Windows 8, 8.1, 7, and Maccontinue reading