Printer Says Offline – How to Fix?

Here in this blog, you will find possible reasons for the error and solutions to fix it. Let’s get on to the possible solutions to resolve the printer offline error:

Why does your Printer Go offline?

Mostly, your printer has to be connected to the Internet (wired or wireless) or by USB cable. Only in this way can the printer get online and work smoothly with your PC.

And you can see from the issue that the printer is offline that the main cause lies in connection problems. Sometimes, it may be due to the disconnected printer. On the other hand, the offline printer appears because of network issues.

Printer showing offline? How to Fix!

Solution 1: Set your printer on default mode

If you have more than one printer connected to Wi-Fi, there is a chance that windows have selected that as the default printer. You need to ensure that the printer is the default printer in windows for printer offline fix. For doing that:

  • Open “Run” by pressing the ‘Windows and R’ keys at the same time on your device.
printer says offline
  • Type “Control Panel” and press ok, click on “Hardware and Sound”.
printer says offline
  • Select “Devices and Printers”.
device and printer
  • Search for the printer and ensure that one is checked as the default printer.

Solution 2: Clear all pending printing jobs

Sometimes old unfinished printing commands could be a hurdle in the way of printing new documents. To remove all printing commands, do the following:

  • Right-click on the printer’s icon.
  • Click on ‘see what’s printing.
Clear Print Spooler Windows 10 | Password Recovery
  • Click on ‘Cancel all documents’.

If you’re logged out as an administrator, you might have to click on ‘Open as Administrator’, log in with your credentials and then cancel all documents. You will have to do that if the canceling documents option appears in grey and you are not able to click on that.

Solution 3: Check jam printer

If the printer gets jammed for some paper stuck in it, it can show any error like the printer is jam or offline. To check and clear the flow, do the following:

  • Turn it off open the paper tray and take out the paper rollers. If there is any sheet stuck, remove that.
  • Whether there is paper stuck or not, you need to clean the tray with a moist cloth.
  • Wait for it to dry and then put the rollers back in.
  • Try printing new documents to check if solves the issue.

Solution 4: The connection between printer and system

  • Ensure that the connection between the system and printer is uninterrupted. If you are connected to the printer through Ethernet, then check if it is properly linked to both. Print a network configuration page to help you out if you require an IP address.
  • If you are connected through a USB cable, make sure it is connected properly. If you have any doubt, you can connect it directly without the hub.
  • In the case of wireless connection, get the IP address through network configuration.

Solution 5: Check the network connection

Cross-check the printer’s network connection by following these steps:

  • Turn the printer off and let it cool down a bit.
  • Turn it on after a few minutes and check the connection medium you’re using, whether it’s a USB, Ethernet, or wireless connection.
  • If you are using a USB cable, make sure that the wires are plugged in properly. And also verify that the USB plug of both devices is also working well.
  • In the case of Ethernet, make sure that the port is properly linked to the printer and the Wi-Fi router is also on and working fine.
  • If the connection is wireless, check if the internet connection is active. Also, verify that your device is connected to the brother printer and not to any other device.

I hope one of these tips helped you get to change Printer status from Offline to Online.