How to Find IP Address of Canon Printer?

At the time of canon printer setup it is essential to know IP Address. You can find IP address of printer on the top right corner of your printer. If you are looking forward to know “IP Address of my Canon Printer” there are few ways to find it, we have discussed some of them. Having an IP address is a great help when dealing with critical printing issues.

How to find IP Address of Canon Printer?

There are numerous ways to find the IP address of a Canon printer that is connected to your network. It depends on aspects such as what type of printer you have, operating system and many more.

Command Prompt (CMD)

  • Type cmd in the search menu of task bar.
Type cmd in the search menu of task bar
  • It will open Command Prompt on your screen.
Command Prompt
  • Then type “netstat -r” and hit Enter.
type in cmd
  • List of network devices connected to your computer and your printer’s IP is visible on the Command Prompt window.

Printer Menu

  1. Turn on your Canon Printer.
  2. Click the Menu button.
  3. Find the Network settings by navigating the menu selections.
  4. IP Address, Network, Wi-Fi status, or TCP/IP options are some options that are displayed.
  5. The IP address will be stored in this section of the menu.

Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound-> Devices and Printers.
open control panel
  • Select Properties by performing a right-click on the preferred printer.
select properties
  • In the Web Services tab, three tabs will display for your IP.
  • Search for the Ports tab for your IP address.

PC Configurations

  • Firstly, turn on both devices(canon printer and computer).
  • Open ‘Settings’ from ‘Start’ menu on your taskbar.
  • Click on ‘Devices’.
select devices
  • Now from the left sidebar select ‘Printers & scanners’ tab.
select printers and scanners
  • Then select the printer of which you want to know IP. Click on it.
  • Click on ‘Manage’ from the available options.
select manage
  • Select ‘Ports’ from the pop-up window.
  • Further you will see the list of IP Address.
  • If, list is not visible to you then select ‘Configure Port’.
  • In the ‘System info’, you can see the IP Address.

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