Ij Start Cannon ts3122

Canon Pixma Ts3122 Printer Setup

The process to set up ij start cannon ts3122, you can learn to set up this multifunction printer model. Instructions on this page include everything from printer unpacking, installation, configuration, WiFi network establishment to complete canon printer drivers setup. Let’s get started.

Initial Unboxing Setup for Ij Start Cannon ts3122

The newly purchased Canon Pixma printer requires initial setup for its hardware, follow below;

  • First of all, remove the protective box tape to unbox the packaging.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Take out all the components available with your printer.
  • Place the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer near the computer or laptop.
  • Connect the power cable to the power port and wall outlet.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Press ON and wait for the power lamp to be lit.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Setup the initial hardware screen of your PIXMA TS3122.
  • Place enough papers in the rear tray and install the FINE cartridge.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Add the ink to complete the hardware setup.

How to Connect Ij Start Cannon ts3122 to WiFi?

Look at the quick procedural steps to set up your cannon ts3122 wireless printer to a WiFi router:

  • Turn the printer ON, press the WiFi button and keep pressing it until the blue light of the connection flashes.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Press the button and search for your WPS connection.
  • While searching for the WPS connection, the blue light will keep flashing, and once the connection is found the light will be still.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Once setup is complete, the printer’s power light & WiFi blue lamp will stop flashing. Now you can perform a print test.

Steps to Setup cannon ts3122 printer on Windows Via USB

  • Firstly, download the Canon printer driver & finish the installation process.
  • Thereafter, connect printer and Windows system with USB Cable.
  • Open the ‘Control panel’ from the ‘Run’ dialog box from the windows search option.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option. Now you will see your printer with a Green check-mark.
  • If you don’t see your printer, click on option of ‘Add printer’ to add it manually.
ij start cannon ts3122
  • Finally, now your printer will be added and will be ready for use.

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