Does Canon Pixma TS3322 connect to WiFi?

In order to set up Canon printers and devices, Canon has globally set up a website for users to easily access device guides, set up instructions, drivers, and complete the setup process of https ij start cannon ts3322. This web page is accessible by any browser, from mobile, and from a desktop. You can easily select your Device and follow on-screen instructions to set up your device. It is usually great for Printers and is also mostly used to set up and download printer drivers.

Https Ij Start Cannon TS3322 Connect to WiFi

Before you start wireless setup installation, connecting the WiFi/ wireless network to your printer is essential. Here’s how to do it;

https ij start cannon ts3322
  • Turn on your printer. The initial screen should be “Copy 100% Letter.”
  • Press the Setup (screwdriver) button.
  • Select “Wireless LAN setup” and press OK using the left or right key.
  • Depending on your router type, the TS3322 searches the network, then chooses an option accordingly.
    • WPS Push Button: If your router is wireless, select the WPS push button on the printer screen and press the WPS button on the router. Once all the lights stop blinking, the network should be connected.
    • Other Method: you can also select different methods, like WPS, WPS PIN code or Cableless setup. In these methods, select preferred options and enter the WiFi password to connect the router network to the printer.
  • If the connection fails, press the Stop button and retry the process. Once you see the “Connected” message, the Canon TS3322 wireless setup with WiFi is done.

How to Setup Ij Start Cannon Printers on Windows

  • Use any browser and go to the official website, you will see a lot of options, just click on the Set Up here button with white icon. It is a grey button.
https ij start cannon ts3322
  • Now you can select your printer, if you are not able to find it. You can type it in the search bar. The model of the printer is written on the printer box and the printer itself.
  • Once your driver is located for your printer. Click Download, It is a Grey button.
https ij start cannon ts3322
  • Depending on your browser, click save and then run the downloaded file, once the download is complete.
  • Running the Installation will open a prompt, click allow to accept the user access prompt. And the Installation wizard will begin.
https ij start cannon ts3322
  • Now click Next, and then click next again. The installation will begin and you will see the progress of installation beginning. You might need to select the method of connection.
  • Once the installation is finished, your driver will be installed and will detect the printer that is connected to the windows computer.
  • Your device is connected to your Windows computer and is working right. Try to print a sample sheet to make sure that everything is right.