How do I set up the canon printer to Wifi mode?

To enjoy the features of the canon printer, you have to set it up. There are various connection instructions such as wireless, via USB cable, or Wi-Fi.

how to setup canon printer

How to Unbox the Canon Pixma Printer?

To set up your canon Pixma Printer you need to unbox the printer, set the preferences, and at last install the cartridges in your Canon printer.

  • Check if the printer is properly sealed before unpacking it
  • Next, you have to do is unpack it and place it nearer to the wall socket
  • Using the power cord, connect the printer and turn it ON by pressing on the power button in order to set it up
  • Set the preferences such as language, country, date, and time to be displayed and click on save to confirm
  • While you open the cartridge access door, wait till the slot moves a little to either side, and following that unwrap the new cartridge and insert them in the slot
  • Try testing the printer by giving prints after following the above steps

Steps to Connect Canon Printer To Wifi

Below, we will describe a few steps that will help you in connecting your Canon printer to a Wi-fi connection.

  • Turn on your Canon printer.
how to setup canon printer
  • Place your router nearby so that you can easily access the WPS button and hold your Wi-fi button until your printer light is on.
how to setup canon printer
  • Make sure to press the button for two minutes or else the connection will be disrupted.
  • Now, your printer is searching for a network, and during this process, a blue Wi-fi light is on.
  • Now wait patiently for the connection to be completed. Once connected, the power light and Wi-Fi lamp will stop blinking.

Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup for Windows

  • On your system, click on the start button. Go to the control panel and search for “Hardware and Sound” option.
how to setup canon printer
how to setup canon printer
  • Now, search for the “devices and printer” and choose an option “Add a printer”.
how to setup canon printer
  • After that navigate to the “local printer” and carefully note the port which printer use to connect the computer. Tap on the port.
how to setup canon printer
  • Now pop up window will appear. Choose “canon” on this window and find out your printer model. Tap “next”.
  • Choose the name for printer identification and click on next.
  • Specify if you want your printer as a primary printer and click on next.
  • Your Canon Pixma printer setup for windows is completed and the printer is ready to use.

Canon Pixma Printer Wireless Setup for MAC OS

  • Click on the ‘Apple’ menu and select ‘System Preferences’.
how to setup canon printer
  • Select and open the ‘Printers and Scanners’ option.
how to setup canon printer
  • Add your Canon printer by clicking on the ‘+’ option.
how to setup canon printer
  • Here select your Canon printer model from the list of available printers and click on ‘Add’.

Your Canon printer setup is now finished and you can enjoy the printing experience. Hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you!!