How to Restart Print Spooler Service?

The Print Spooler service manages paper print jobs sent from a computer to a printer or print server. To restart the Print Spooler service, go to the taskbar and open the service. You can get the rest of the information through this article.

Restart Print Spooler Service –

To restart the Print Spooler, correct your problem by following the given steps.

  1. Type Services in the search box from taskbar.
Spooler Service

2. Search the Printer Spooler service from the list visible on your screen.

3. Click on Stop by Right-clicking on service.

Stop by Right clicking on service

4. To open the Run utility, go to the Run command box by pressing the keys Win + R and enter spool.

5. For print queues, delete everything in the Printers folder.

6. Once again open the Services window and select Print Spooler and click on Restart.

Enter spool Win R keys

Note: You can fix many problems, such as offline printer, by restarting the print spooler.

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