Why Is My Printer Printing Blank Pages

Why is My Printer Printing Blank Pages? There are several reasons that we assume to be responsible for printing blank pages. Undoubtedly, it is annoying and frustrating if you encounter your printer printing blank pages since it costs you precious time. Well, here we are listing down some probable causes of the relevant issue; Ifcontinue reading

Why Does My HP Printer Say Offline

What To Do When Your Printer is Offline? HP Printers have been the choice of people for many years for its high-end printing technology and features. For the most part, a printer will appear “Offline” if your computer is unable to establish communication with the device. This could be due to factors like loose cablecontinue reading

How to Get Printer Online

How To Change Printer from Offline to Online? Sometimes when you try to print a document you get a printer offline message. Although both your PC and printer are in an online state, this error message just pops up on your computer and makes your feel irritated. So, you really don’t need to worry muchcontinue reading

Why Is My Printer Not Printing

Why Is My Printer Not Printing? Printer, not printing can occur due to various reasons such as faulty printer drivers, incorrect configurations, or issues with connectivity. If you are also having trouble printing from your printer then you must go through this article to find the best possible solutions. Fix 1: Check the Printer connectivitycontinue reading

Why Does it Say My Printer is Offline

Why Does My Printer Keep Going Offline? When your office printer stubbornly remains offline despite being powered up and plugged into a USB port, the helpless feeling that your hardware holds you captive can raise your frustration level quickly. If you ever wonder why is your printer offline most of the time, there could becontinue reading

Why is My Printer Offline

Why your Printer is Offline and How to Fix it? One of the most common and frustrating things that can happen with your printer is getting the message that it’s offline. Although you’ll commonly find this problem with a new printer, you can also find it randomly with a printer you’ve had for a whilecontinue reading

Printer Scanner Not Working

Why is Printer Scanner Not Working? The scanner, not working issues include scanner won’t scan, scanner not detected by your computer, or errors pop up when you’re using your scanner, etc. The causes for these problems are various and sometimes hard to identify. As you can imagine, the connection problem can prevent your scanner fromcontinue reading

Canon MG3620 Troubleshooting

Canon MG3620 Printer Not Responding – Fixed The Canon Pixma MG3620 is extremely popular around the world, not only because of its reasonable price. The wireless all-in-one inkjet printer also makes printing incredibly convenient and straightforward for almost any need. You can print from virtually anywhere around the house or office, thanks to its advancedcontinue reading

Error B200 Canon

Canon Printer Error B200 – How to Fix Error B200 is One of the errors in the printer that is common with the Canon printer series, the error is very annoying when the activity was disturbed when a b200 error occurs, the printer will stop functioning so that you cannot print documents or photos usingcontinue reading

Why Won’t My Printer Print From My Computer

What to do when the printer won’t print? In this article, we are going to describe, what you can do if your printer is not printing even though it is connected to your computer. We will explain, how to solve that in a few simple steps. For example, when you go to any document andcontinue reading