Remove jammed paper – Canon Printer

When we’re working with canon printers we encounter a jammed paper issue mostly. You can easily remove the Jammed paper or stuck piece of paper. Remember some Points before clearing the Jammed paper:

  • Don’t remove the jammed paper by force.
  • Avoid the tearing and carefully remove the jammed paper.
  • Use your both hands and remove the paper.
  • If the paper is torn inside the printer then contact the near Canon Printer Service center.

Steps for removing Jammed Paper:

  1. Disconnect all the power cables from the wall outlet.
disconnect the power cable for removing jammed paper
  1. Open the printer cover and find the jammed paper inside the Canon printer.
  1. Pull out the input tray and check the jammed paper.
  1. Pull out the output tray and check the jammed paper.
  1. Push out the jammed paper using your both hands.
  1. Insert the tray properly.

  1. Place the Ink Cartridge again and close the printer cover.
  1. Ensure that the LED light is off now.
  2. Plug the Power cables into the wall outlet/power outlet.

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