Refill Ink Cartridge – Canon Printer

It is easy for you to refill Canon cartridges if you use the right equipment. You need to make sure the printer is turned on so that you can open the scanning unit/cover (B) and refill the Canon ink cartridge.

Refill Canon Ink Cartridge:

Here we’re going to tell you the steps for refilling both Ink Cartridges.

Black Ink Cartridge:

  1. Unplug the power cables from the power outlet and turn off the canon printer completely.
  1. Open the Printer cover and push out the Black color Ink Cartridge.
  1. The cartridge label should be facing up.
  2. Peel off the label and you’ll now see the small hole.
  1. Drill the hole larger and insert the 15ml ink inside the hole.
  1. Empty the syringe into the cartridge slowly.
  2. Refill Canon Ink Cartridge with black Ink.
  1. Place the ink cartridge and try to print out something.

Color Ink Cartridges:

  1. Unplug the cables and turn off the printer.
  2. Open the Printer cover and push out the colored Ink Cartridge.
  1. Remove the label from the cartridge and you will be able to see the three small holes.
  2. Drill the holes larger with the thumb drill.
  3. Fill each hole with a 10cc syringe of 5ml.
  4. Inject the ink slowly into the color cartridge.
  1. Repeat the steps for the cyan and yellow syringes.
  2. Fix the label to the cartridge but don’t cover the holes.
  3. Place the Ink cartridge again in the correct position.

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