How to Print from MacBook to Canon Printer

How to Print from MacBook to Canon Printer?

Have trouble connecting your Macbook to your canon printer? No worries as there are two ways to connect the devices: either by USB or wireless. Choose whichever is convenient for you to do and you’re good to go.

Method 1: Connecting through a USB Cable

  • Turn on the Canon printer. Do this by pressing its Power button.
    • The location of the Power button varies depending on your printer’s model. If you’re unsure, refer to the printer’s user manual.
    • If the printer does not turn on even after pressing the Power button, ensure that it is connected to a power source by plugging its power cable into a wall outlet.
how to print from macbook to canon printer
  • Prepare a USB cable that will allow connection between the printer and the Macbook. When purchasing a printer, it comes with two cables: the power cable and the USB cable. Get the cable with the square-type connector.
how to print from macbook to canon printer
  • Connect the USB cable to the Macbook. Look for a square hole at the side of your Macbook Pro. Insert the USB cable of the printer into this hole.
  • Connect another end to the printer. Once a connection has been established, your printer should appear on the screen menu. If your printer does not appear on the screen menu, you should find and install the proper driver for the printer, but usually, the Macbook Pro does not have to install any software from the printer if it is your first time connecting them.
    • To install the driver, just put in the CD driver (which usually comes with the printer) in your CD ROM to initiate installation. You can also install the driver by connecting to the Internet and look for the printer manufacturer.
    • To know the name and model of the printer, please check the printer’s box or at the side of the printer.
how to print from macbook to canon printer
  • Check if the printer is ready. You can check if the printer is ready to print by checking the “Printing Sheet” when printing or through the “Print & Fax Preferences.”
  • Add your printer. If your printer isn’t showing up in the list displayed on the Printing Sheet, click “Add Printer” on the same menu. A list of available printers will show up.
    • Click on the printer you want to add then click “Add.” You can now print with that printer.

Method 2: Connecting through Wi-Fi

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi printer has been configured to join your Wi-Fi network. Connecting your printer to your local Wi-Fi network helps save space and less trouble in cable connections.
    • To connect your printer to your Wi-Fi, connect your printer to your router, enable network sharing of your printer, then add it as a network printer. The user should be an administrator to do this.
  • Make sure you have passed some access restrictions of the Wi-Fi printer, like MAC address filtering. Access restrictions have been enforced to avoid exploitation of the network.
  • Use the printer to connect it to the Wi-Fi network. From the File menu, choose Print.
    • In the resulting Print dialog, see if your printer is in the Printer pop-up menu. If it appears, select it, and you should be ready to print.
    • If the printer does not appear in the Print dialog, choose ”Add Printer” from the Printer pop-up menu; the Printer Setup Utility will open.
    • Click the “Add” button in the Printer List window. A list of printers that are available to you should appear. Select your printer and click “Add.”
    • After selecting your printer, you should be ready to use your printer.

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