Can I Print from iPhone Without an AirPrint?

Since you have read this article so far, we can safely assume that you are here in search of how to print from an iPhone without AirPrint. Well, through this post, we are going to show you the easiest possible ways to print emails, pictures, or documents from your iPhone effortlessly.

  • Make sure the printer is on. It has to be compatible with iOS devices.
  • Connect your iOS device directly to your printer via a USB cable.
  • Unlock your iPhone and tap on the “Settings” app.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Printer Options,” then hit “Printer” You’ll see a list of available printers.
  • Select “Add a printer to iPhone” when you see your printer.
how to print from iphone without airprint
  • Go back and tap the Printer Options iPhone button again to access its settings. Here you can manage copies or change the print job to be portrait vs landscape, etc.
how to print from iphone without airprint
  • Come back to the “Printer” section and tap on your printer’s name to access its settings. In that menu, toggle on the option “Rendering Print Jobs”. This will mark a checkbox saying “Print directly without AirPrint,” which means you can print from iPhone without using AirPrint.
  • Go to where you have contents you’d like to print. Confirm your intention and your printer should start printing!

This article was your go-to guide on how to print from iPhone without AirPrint. You can use the methods shared here to get your printing task accomplished in just a few minutes with minimum effort.