How to make a copy on a Canon Pixma mx492?

Making copies on the Canon PIXMA Mx492 printer is a lot like scanning a document. You open the machine up, plunk the paper in and push some buttons. You just need to open your Canon PIXMA Mx492 printer and press some buttons to get a copy compared to the scan function, the Canon Mx492 Copy Setup task can be done easily.

  • Start up your Canon MX492 printer and computer. Wait until it has powered on completely before beginning.
  • Open the printer’s lid and place your item on the copying surface with the side you want to be copied face-down on the glass. Double-check the alignment.
how to copy on canon pixma mx492
  • Shut the printer’s lid. For large items, such as books, you may want to remove the printer lid rather than forcing it closed.
how to copy on canon pixma mx492
  • Choose the kind of copy you want: black-and-white or color. You also may have to select the kind of paper that you are copying.
  • Size the copy to the page if desired. Some printers allow you to expand or shrink the original to fit different sizes of paper.
  • Enter the number of copies you want. You may do this on the multi-function printer or in the print setup of your computer. Make sure the paper tray has enough paper to finish your copying job.
  • Press the Paper button to light the upper Paper lamp. Other names for this might be the “Copy” or “Print” button.
  • Remove the pages as they are delivered from the printer’s feeding mechanism. Do not tug on the copies as they come out. Let them fall into your hands.

After trying all the steps mentioned on the screen, try to print a copy on Canon Pixma MX492. Hope this article is helpful to you.