How to Connect Canon Tr4520 to Wifi

How To Connect Canon Pixma Tr4520 To Wifi?

Connecting the Canon Tr4520 printer to Wi-Fi is much easier compared to other devices. Connect Canon Pixma Tr4520 To Wifi using the steps mentioned below:

Using Easy Wireless Connect method:

  • First, switch on the printer and ensure that the basic printer settings and connections are in proper condition.
  • Press the Menu or Wireless connect button and hold it for three to five seconds.
  • The printer preparation is complete when the screen displays the “Follow the instructions” message.
  • Now, initiate the setup on the computer for driver and software installation.
  • Connect the computer to the local wireless network.
  • Run the driver setup on your computer using the CD-ROM or the downloaded driver file.
  • Click the Start Setup button and choose your language from the Setup Wizard screen.
  • Read the Network Security notice before continuing with the next step.
  • On the Select Country or Region screen, choose your country from the drop-down menu.
  • Read all the License Agreement, click the Agree button.
  • Select Yes after verifying your wireless network name and your Canon printer model.
  • Click on the Next button after the screen displays the “Connection completed” message.
  • Wait until the driver installation is finished; now, click on the Start button from the Test Print screen.
  • Make sure to load some plain paper into the paper input tray before performing the printing test.
  • Skip the other settings and click Exit to close the Setup Wizard screen.
  • The printer is now connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Using the printer buttons for Wi-Fi Setup:

  • Power up the printer after connecting the power cord to the electrical outlet. Keep your Wi-Fi router turned on.
  • Complete the basic printer settings by referring to the user guide or manual.
  • Press the Settings button and select Device settings from the Setup menu.
  • Press OK and select LAN Settings Enable/disable Wi-Fi Active OK.
  • Select the Wi-Fi Setup option followed by Manual Connect.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network name and enter the password using the printer buttons
  • Once your canon pixma Tr4520 printer is connected to the wireless network, it will display the Connected Press [OK] message.

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