Clean Printhead – Canon Printer

Clogged or dry printheads are usually the cause of Canon printer problems. Begin the cleaning process and check the nozzle pattern before cleaning. To clean the canon printhead follow the methods.

Clean the Canon Printhead:-

Here we’re discussing 3 effective ways of cleaning the printhead.

Clean Canon Printhead:

  1. Unplug the cables and turn off the canon printer.
  1. Wipe away the ink spread on the Printhead nozzle.
  2. Without touching the nozzle perform the cleaning process.
  1. The printhead soaks for about ten minutes and wipes it with a dry piece of cloth.
  2. Reinstall the printhead back into the printer.
  1. Insert the Ink cartridges and run the cleaning function on the machine again.

Automatically clean the printhead:

  1. Turn on the Canon Printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Hold the Stop button until the alarm lamp flashes.
  3. Release the Stop button and your printer will automatically start the cleaning process.
  4. After completing the process lamp light turns on.
  5. Do not perform any print job until the process is completed.
  6. Now, check the print head condition.

Deep Cleaning:

  1. Visit the Canon Printer Support page and open the printer driver setup window.
  2. Select Maintenance > Deep Cleaning > Ink group.
  3. Click on the initial check option and ensure that your printer is turned on.
  1. Click on the Execute option and select OK for confirmation.
  1. This process will start the Print head-deep cleaning process.
  2. Select the Print check pattern for checking the print quality.
  3. You can also cancel the checking process by clicking on the cancel option.

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