How to Check Printer Ink levels Canon

How to Check Printer Ink levels on Canon Printer?

The Canon printer is user-friendly, making it easy to print digital photos at home using the Easy-Photo print software. With its four color options and laser features, printing text and colored documents from web pages can be fun.

When you run a small business, the amount of paperwork you generate can sometimes actually be overwhelming. It’s the reason why it’s very important to keep an eye on the ink levels of your printer, so it does not fall short. This software can be accessed through the control panel.

Steps to Check Ink Levels on Canon Printer

  • Sign in to your computer as the administrator using the username and password or simply the user with administrator privileges.
  • Click on the Start button present at the lower-left corner of the screen. After that Select “Control Panel” on the right side of the menu that appears.
how to check printer ink levels canon
  • Click on the “Device and printer” icon. Basis the configuration of your computer, you must click on the “Hardware and Sound” icon and then the “Device and Printer” icon.
how to check printer ink levels canon
  • Locate the icon of your canon printer model and click to open it. Click on the “Printers” menu. In the drop-down menu, select “Properties”.
how to check printer ink levels canon
  • Select the “Maintenance” tab and click on the “View Printer Status” button to open the toner level menu.

Canon actually uses 2 different symbols to communicate toner levels. “!” The symbol means the toner cartridge is almost empty and should be changed at the earliest. The “x” symbol implies that the cartridge present is dry and it should be changed soon.

What to do when printer ink is low?

In most cases, estimated ink levels and low ink warning signals are only estimates. When the cartridge is low on the ink, you can try to remove the cartridge from the slot and move it by the side. This causes any ink residue to flow downwards for its use.

In this way, you can get some more prints before the ink is completely over. Once the ink is completely exhausted, you can buy an OEM or a renovated cartridge, which spends half of the OEM cartridge. You can also choose a more affordable option and buy the printer ink.

Finally, it is better to continue printing until the quality of printing is reduced. A poor-quality print is an adequate indicator of the low ink level of your printer. Make sure that, at that time, the cartridge has been replaced to avoid unintended consequences. To operate at the optimum level of the printer, periodically check Ink Levels.

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