How to Replace/Change Ink Cartridges on Canon Printer?

Changing the ink cartridge on your printer is part of regular maintenance, and is also essential to obtain top-of-the-line printing features. All printer users must be changing their cartridges to print properly, which includes Canon printers. However, there are many people who aren’t aware of changing the ink on a Canon printer. If you’re one of them seeking out the best ways to change ink on a Canon printer and printers, you should look over this article and go through the step-by-step procedure to change the ink on the Canon printer.

Things to Remember Before you Change the Ink Cartridge

There are many things to think about before you change the cartridge of your Canon printer. They are listed below:

  • Always use a brand new cartridge for ink instead of old ink cartridges as it could cause clogging of the nozzles.
  • Replace the cartridge ink immediately when you remove the cartridge.
  • Make use of white, clean cloth to clean out the cartridge with ink.
  • Do not leave the cartridge of ink in the open after taking it out of the packaging.
  • Utilize an ink cartridge with an accurate date of usage and ensure that you utilize it according to the day of usage.

Steps to Change the Canon Printer’s Ink Cartridge

Change the Ink Cartridge by following the instructions below:

  • Before opening the front cover and paper output tray, check if the machine is still on.
how to change ink on canon pixma
  • Then open the paper exhaust cover (E), after which the cartridge holder (F) moves to the replacement position and the cover opens automatically.
how to change ink on canon pixma
  • Lower the ink cartridge lock lever until it clicks. Remove the ink cartridge.
how to change ink on canon pixma
  • Then remove a new cartridge from its packaging and carefully remove the protective tape (F).
how to change ink on canon pixma
  • Now insert the new cartridge directly into the cartridge holder so that it touches the back.

Remember that colored ink cartridges should be inserted into the left slot, while black ink cartridges should be inserted into the right slot.

how to change ink on canon pixma
  • Next, gently push the ink cartridge lock lever to lock the cartridge to its correct position.
how to change ink on canon pixma
  • If the ink cartridge lock lever clicks, make sure that your cartridge is secured to its designated location.
  • Close the paper output cover.
how to change ink on canon pixma

You can now take the test of printing to confirm that your printer is printing as it should. Hope this article is helpful to you

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