Change Canon Printer settings

Our Canon printer faces some errors due to internal issues which we can resolve by changing the printer settings. The following ways to change Printer Settings are given in this article.

How to change Canon Printer Settings?

Here we’re discussing two ways of changing the printer settings.

Change Printer Settings by Menu:

  1. Turn on your PC and Canon Printer.
  2. On the Canon Printer, press the settings button.
  3. Set the group printing into administrative mode.
  4. Press the “Sweep” > “Output” button.
  5. You’ll now see the administrative mode in English.
  6. Click on the “+” button then on the “Counter Access” option.
  7. After following the above steps, click on Copy > OK.
  8. Select the “Scan Page Count” option.
  9. Finally, you’ve successfully change Canon Printer settings.

Change Paper Settings:

  1. Stop the printing jobs by pressing the Stop button.
  1. Press Settings > Function Settings > Printer > Printer Settings > Custom Settings.
  1. Check whether the printing and paper size is matching or not.
  2. Now open the media and set the printing size according to your paper size.
  1. Restart your Canon Printer again.
  2. Sometimes your issues are resolved by the following changes.

Most of the Canon printer errors will be resolved by changing printer settings, you can refer to our canon printer error blogs for details.

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