How do I Reset my Canon Pixma MG3600

How do you Reset your Canon Pixma MG3600 Printer?

This article is about to guide users on how they can reset their canon Pixma mg3600 printers to factory settings. So if you are one of those people who do not understand the resetting process or find it pretty much confusing, then fear not, we have got your back!

In this article, you will learn how easy and smooth it is to reset your Canon Pixma mg3600 printer without having to know any rocket science. So, let’s get started!

Various Methods to Reset Canon Pixma mg3600

There are various methods to reset Canon printers, which we are listing down below. However, only two of these methods people frequently opt for are factory reset and ink reset. Besides, these often used methods are also not relatively easy, and you may need an excellent guide to perform these.

How to Reset Canon Pixma mg3600 Printer to factory settings?

There are different types of Canon printers, one of them is the Pixma printer. These Canon Pixma printers produce beautiful, brilliant, and high-quality images. These are one of the preferred printers worldwide for their fantastic features.

If you possess a Canon Pixma printer and do not know how to reset it to factory settings, please make sure that you follow the steps as under sequentially;

  • Firstly, turn on your Pixma mg3600 printer and then navigate to the device settings after opening up the menu.
  • Once you open the device settings, you will see the ‘resetting’ option. Make sure you click ‘ok’ so that your device can begin with the resetting process right away.
  • Next, you have to turn off your Pixma printer. Besides, make sure that you hold the printer’s power button along with the stop button for a while.
  • Next, you have to release the stop button after a while. Then press the stop button again twice. Please make sure you do not let go of the power button while you release and press the stop button.
  • Almost after 30 seconds, you will see an ‘O’ on your printer’s screen. Once you see this ‘O,’ the next thing you have to do is press the stop button four times.
  • Afterward, you have to press the power button twice and then one more time for the last time to turn it off and finish the reset process.

How to Reset Canon Pixma mg3600 Ink Cartridge?

As mentioned earlier, there are several reasons why do people prefer Canon printers over others. One reason is that when your printer’s ink levels are low or not enough to print effectively, and it begins to indicate so that you know now is the time to replace the ink cartridge.

Well, to perform Canon ink reset is crucial because you need to do this to get maximum work from your printer, that too, efficiently. Please follow the steps as under;

  • Turn off your printer, hit the Power button along with pressing the Stop button.
  • Release the Stop button for some time.
  • Again, keep holding the Power button and hit the Stop button two more times.
  • After around 30 seconds, the printer will show “O” on the screen.
  • Hit the Stop button four more times before hitting the Power button twice.
  • Now, tap the Power button one more time to switch off your printer. This will conclude the reset process.
  • Reset the ink cartridges by releasing the printer’s power and USB cables.
  • Open the ink cartridge door while hitting the Power button and connect the power cables again along with the Power button is pressed.
  • Shut the cartridge door, and then leave the Power button.

Resetting your canon Pixma mg3600 printer may solve many problems quickly, but you must ensure that you perform the reset as mentioned in this guide.

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