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Canon Printer Error B200 – How to Fix

Error B200 is One of the errors in the printer that is common with the Canon printer series, the error is very annoying when the activity was disturbed when a b200 error occurs, the printer will stop functioning so that you cannot print documents or photos using a Canon printer.

In addition, you will also see the printer lights flashing on the indicator, sometimes the head cartridge doesn’t move at all. Then how to overcome and what causes errors b200 on Canon printers? This time we will discuss it only for all of you.

Cause of an Error B200 on a Canon Printer

There are many causes for this error Canon MX922 Support Code b200, some of them are – dried up cartilage, replica ink cartridge, faulty cartridge, overheating, etc. So let’s read about all the causes and the solution.

Cause 1 – If your cartridge is dried up

If you haven’t used your printer for many years, then the cartridge holes get dried up. That’s why the error canon b200 may occur. Your canon printer used two kinds of cartridges 2 and the 4+ and they both get dry if they have a long time gap.

Cause 2 – Jamming of the cartridge

If in the past there were any paper jams that happened on your canon mx922 printer, then it increases the possibility that your ink cartridge will get jammed from the printer grip. That’s why you should remove the jammed carriage before you start printing. Otherwise, you will still get a b200 support code on the canon mx922 printer.

Cause 3 – Overheating

Sometimes when you are printing so many pages at a time and for a longer period then canon printer b200 error flashes on your screen. This can be the reason behind your print head getting overheated because of the extra workload and losing the connection with the cartridges. Try not to print too many pages at the same time.

Cause 4 – Waste tank is filled

Another reason could be the waste tank. As it helps in storing the ink which is wasted during the process of cleaning and if this tank is full then there might be chances of canon printer issue b200. To avoid this it is recommended to clean the tank on time.

Steps to Fix Canon B200 Error Code?

To fix the Canon B200 Error code Below are the ways you need to follow to fix the issue and let your printer work properly.

Step 1 – Reset the Ink Cartridges and Print Heads

Resetting the printing heads as well as the ink cartridges also have a high probability to resolve the error in your Canon printer. The steps to perform are given below:

  • Open the top cover of the device and you will be able to see that the cradle will pop up. As Canon printers have more than one cartridge, remove all of them one by one.
  • Now lift the lever that is located inside the cradle to remove the print head slowly and gently.
  • Wait for a few minutes and once again re-insert the print head back to the printer. Make sure that you have locked up the leaver tightly.
  • After that, re-insert all the ink cartridges back to their own slots and close the door as well as the top cover.

Now make sure that the printer is ready and it can access the cartridges as well as the printing heads. Unplug the printer into the electrical socket and leave it idle for near about 5 minutes.

After that, plug in the printer and turn it on. Try to print a page and check whether the error is there on not. If the situation remains the same, get on to the next solution.

Step 2 – Change the Ink Tank Holder

Sometimes, you can fix the issue by just changing the ink tank holder. Open the old tank holder and replace it with a new one. Again, try to print a document and note whether the problem is still occurring or not.

Additionally, you can press and hold the “power” and “copy” buttons simultaneously. After doing this step, check the nozzle, alignment and perform the deep cleaning procedure. Hopefully, these instructions will help you to resolve the B200 error.

Step 3Open and Clean the Print heads

Dirty print heads are one of the reasons that can cause an error in your Canon printer. So, the only solution is to open the print head and clean it. Follow the instructions that are given above to open the printer’s print head.

Apart from these instructions, we strongly advise you to check the user manual. Clean the print head with a thin lint-free cloth dipped in alcohol. After that, allow it to dry completely before you reinsert it into the printer.

Step 4Install the Printer Driver

Sometimes the Canon support code B200 can occur due to an outdated printer driver. In this case, you can download an updated Canon printer driver from its official website and follow the steps below to install it.

  • Press the Win + I keys to open the Settings window, and then type Device installation in the search box and select Change device installation settings.
Error B200 Canon
  • In the pop-up window, make sure the Yes (recommended) is selected and click on Sve Changes.
Error B200 Canon
  • Navigate back to the Settings windows, and then select Devices > Printers & scanners one by one.
  • Click on Add a printer or scanner on the right pane, and then select the Canon printer driver and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
Error B200 Canon
  • Now, you can check if the Canon printer error B200 is away.

Final Words: Conclusion

Hopefully, this post helps you fix Your Canon printer error code B200 problem. We have written this post in detail so that you can fix your printer problem with ease.

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