Connect your Canon Printer to Wifi on your Windows PC

We will make it simple for you to connect your Canon printer to Wifi on your Windows system, Mac, and Apple devices. And if you’re a new Canon printer user, then this guide will surely be of great help to you!

How to Connect Canon Wifi Printer to a New Wireless Network?

We will study two methods to connect the Canon printer to WiFi. These include connecting the Canon printer to wifi via the Control Panel and WPS method. These two methods have been explained in detail below.

Method 1: Connect Canon to WiFi from Device’s Control Panel

In this method, we will teach you how to connect Canon wireless printer to WiFi from the Control Panel of the device. This method can be performed in only a few steps.

  • Turn on your Canon printer by pressing the “Power” button. Now, tap the “Settings” button.
  • Tap the arrow button to select the “Device” settings and press “Ok”.
  • Keep pressing the arrow button and you will find the “LAN” settings. Then press “Ok”.
  • Press the arrow button again. Keep pressing it till you see the “Wireless LAN setup”.
  • Then press “Ok”. The light will blink and your device will look for a wifi network
  • In case your device takes too long to search for the wifi network, press Stop.
    • It will take you to the “Wireless LAN setup” or the “standard setup”.
  • Tap the arrow button till you see the wifi network. Then press Ok.
  • Now, fill in the “Password” for the wifi and tap Ok.
  • When you see “Connected” on the display of your Canon printer, press Ok.

Method 2: Connect Canon Pixma to WiFi via WPS Method

Many of you may be looking for how to connect a Canon printer to WiFi without a CD. In this section, you can learn how to connect your Canon printer to WiFi via the WPS method that requires no CD. Using this method, you can connect the device to wifi on Windows as well as Mac. The WPS method can be performed in just a few steps. Take a look at these below.

  • First, turn on your Canon printer.
canon wifi printer
  • To reach the WPS button easily, keep the router near your printer.
canon wifi printer
  • Press the “Wifi” button on your printer and hold it until the light gets on.
  • Now, you have to wait for at least 2 minutes.
canon wifi printer
  • Then press the “WPS” button located on the router. The blue wifi light will get on until the network is found. Once the wifi and the power lights become still, the wireless network will get connected.
  • Now, give a command to print a test page and ensure that the device is working properly.

How to Connect Wireless Canon Printer to Computer?

Once your Canon printer gets connected to the wifi, you will need to connect it to the computer for greater use. For this, you can follow the three steps shown below.

  • On the system’s keyboard, press the “Windows” key together with the “R” key.
  • Type “control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters” in the “Run” box and hit the “Enter” key.
canon wifi printer
  • Then click on Add a printer and go through the instructions on your screen.
canon wifi printer

Now, your canon wifi printer is ready to print your documents. Hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you!!