Install Canon TS5120 Ink Cartridges – Step by Step

We have prepared a step-by-step guide on installing ink cartridges on your Canon ts5120 printer. Most printers work similarly, which means installing a new cartridge on any printer will be easy once you learn the basics.

What you need to know before the installation:

  • Do not touch the chip or the ink nozzles. This can result in clogs, ink failure, and poor electrical connections.
  • Avoid mixing cartridges from different suppliers simultaneously – the printer may not recognize them properly.

Steps to Install Ink Cartridges in the Canon TS5120 Printer

Canon ts5120 Printer and other similar models often come with a top lid that serves as the scanner. Below the lid is the ink tray or Carriage, which you’ll need to access and open to install or replace ink cartridges.

Step 1: Turn on your Canon Printer

  • Make sure that the printer power cord is properly plugged into a suitable power supply or an electrical outlet.
canon ts5120 ink
  • Press the power button to turn on the device.
canon ts5120 ink

Step 2: Open the Ink Cartridge Access Door

  • Grab the handles on both sides of the printer and gently lift the lid upward to open it.
  • The Carriage will move automatically toward the center of the printer in the proper cartridge replacement position.
  • Wait for the Carriage to stop moving before you continue.

Step 3: Remove the Old or Empty Ink Cartridge

If the ink cartridge has a protective cover, lift the cover to release its lock.

  • Press down on the empty ink cartridge until it clicks and pops out.
canon ts5120 ink
  • Pull the empty cartridge out from its slot and set it aside for disposal, recycling, or refilling.
canon ts5120 ink
  • Follow the same steps for installing or replacing each color cartridge.

Step 4: Prepare the New Canon Ink Cartridge

  • Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging.
canon ts5120 ink
  • The new cartridge will either come with a blue top or black for the tri-color and black ink cartridge.
  • The tri-color ink cartridge has a blue top while the black ink cartridge has a blacktop.
  • Take out the protective tab on the ink cartridge. It’s a plastic film that seals the area of the cartridge that dislodges ink.
canon ts5120 ink
  • Please avoid touching the coppered-colored areas of the ink cartridges or ink nozzles. Doing so may result in ink clogging and other cartridge issues.
canon ts5120 ink

Step 5: Insert the New Canon Ink Cartridge

  • Hold the new ink cartridge from its side with the Nozzles facing the Carriage.
  • Slide the cartridge into the vacant slot.
  • Lower the ink cartridge cover to lock the cartridge into place.
  • Remember to put the Tri-color ink cartridge on the left slot and the Black ink cartridge on the right side.
  • Repeat the same steps for every other color.

Step 6: Close the Ink Cartridge Door

  • Lower the top lid until it clicks into place.
  • The ink cartridges will automatically slide back into their original position after closing the door.
  • Canon ink cartridge installation / replacement is complete.

How to Change Ink Cartridge Canon Pixma TS5120?

  • Before opening the front cover and the paper output tray, check if the power is still turned on.
  • Then open the paper output cover after which the cartridge holder goes to a position for replacement and the headcover opens automatically.
  • Thrust down the ink cartridge lock lever till it makes a click sound.
  • Take out the ink cartridge.
  • Then take out a new cartridge from its package and gently remove the protective tape.
  • Now insert the new cartridge directly into the cartridge holder to fit in so that it touches the back.
  • Remember that the color ink cartridge must be inserted in the left slot while the black ink cartridge must be inserted in the right slot.
  • After that, gently push up the ink cartridge lock lever for locking the cartridge into its correct position.
  • If the ink cartridge lock lever makes a click sound then get assured that your cartridge is fixed into its designated place.
  • Finally, close the paper output cover.

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