How to install a Canon TS3122 Ink cartridge?

Make sure you have your replacement cartridge handy before you begin. You must install the new cartridge immediately after removing the old one.

Leave your old cartridge in the printer until you are ready to replace it to prevent the print head nozzles from drying out. Do not open ink cartridge package until you are ready to install the canon ts3122 ink. The cartridge is vacuum packed to maintain reliability.

  • Turn on your printer. If the ink cartridge is low or expended, a message appears on your product and on your computer screen.
  • Open the front cover.
canon ts3122 ink
  • Push the ink cartridge in, then pull it out of the slot.
canon ts3122 ink

Note: Dispose of used cartridges carefully. Do not take the used cartridge apart or try to refill it.

  • Remove the cartridge from the package
canon ts3122 ink

Caution: Do not touch the green chip on the cartridge. Install the new cartridge immediately after removing the old one; if you do not, the print head may dry out and be unable to print.

  • Gently shake the ink cartridge horizontally for about five seconds as shown.
canon ts3122 ink

Caution: Do not remove any labels or seals, or ink will leak.

  • Insert the new cartridge into the holder and push it in until it clicks into place.
canon ts3122 ink
  • Select Check on the LCD screen to make sure the cartridge is installed correctly.
  • When you are finished, close the front cover.

Warnings: Printer ink can stain your skin. If you get any on yourself, wash it off right away

The product starts charging the ink and returns to its previous state when finished. Hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you!!