How to find wifi password for my Canon TS3100 printer?

The Canon ts3100 wifi password ( also called the wireless network password that is used to connect a canon TS3100 printer or other types of a wireless device to your Wi-Fi) is set at the purchasing time. Many users don’t know how to find and change the canon ts3100 wifi password. Read this article and learn to find and change the administrator password.

How to find the Wireless Network Password?

The Printer serial number is the Wireless Network Password, printed on a white sticker attached to each printer. The serial number will consist of 9 alphanumeric characters (4 letters followed by 5 numbers).

canon ts3100 wifi password

How to change the Wireless Network Password?

  • Open the web browser on your device { such as computer, smartphone, or tablet}
  • Type “http://[IP address]” without quotes, replacing [IP address] with the actual address of the printer.
canon ts3100 wifi password
  • Press “Enter” to load the Remote UI into your browser window.

Tip: Remote UI allows you to check printer information and execute utility functions from your computer or smartphone.

  • Log in to the Remote UI.
  • Then, a menu appears displayed on the web browser.
  • Select Security > Administrator password setting > Change administrator password.
  • Then, enter a password by following the restrictions:
    • Set the password by using 0 to 32 characters.
    • Use 8 and more alphanumeric characters
  • Tap OK.
  • When the completion message is displayed, select Log out.

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