How do I setup my Canon Pro 100 to Wi-Fi?

If you have just purchased a new Canon Pixma Pro Printer and want to set it up, this guide can help you. In this guide, we are going to share the instructions that can help you with the Canon pro 100 wifi setup on your device.

Canon Pixma PRO 100 First-Time Setup

  • Unbox the Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer from the box and level it on a smooth surface.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Get rid of all the ship-pings tapes, remove the orange-color protective cap from the printer head safely.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Open the rare tray and extend the paper support and instantly on output tray extension using the front tray.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Provide power supply to the Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer and system to the wall outlet.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Position the printer head by lifting the lock lever cautiously.
  • Try to connect USB cables only after the software installation.
  • Check whether the printer head fitted properly to get a proficient process.
  • Hold the push button, fix the ink tank into the right-hand side slot, respectively.
  • Place the ink tank according to the mentioned color slots.
  • Close the top cover after the printer indicates through flashlight signal
  • Install the required Canon Pixma PRO 100 driver software.
  • Finish the printer setup by connecting the printer and compatible devices on the same network.

Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer Wi-Fi setup

  • Switch on the Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer setup by holding the power button.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Using the control panel of the Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer, use the given setup option on it.
  • Use the wireless LAN setup and proceed with the ok option.
  • Locate the router near the printer and instantly provide its name. And specify its WEP key.
  • Move with the following procedure by choosing ok.
  • Do software download and installation on the compatible system.
  • Connect the following devices to a similar network connection and on the option use the printer on a network while the installation process.
  • Using live instructions, complete the wireless setup on Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer.
  • Once the wireless setup is done, tap and holds the Wi-Fi button for a minute.
  • Finally, release the finger once the indication signal stops.
  • Press and hold the color button or black button to get connected to the Wi-Fi setup on Canon Pixma PRO 100 printer.

Network Setting Confirmation For Canon Pixma 100 Setup

  • Make sure your network printer is turned on.
  • Take the A4 size and load it into your printer.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • Press and hold, the resume and cancel button. The lamp light flashes 6 times. This step will print the network printer.
Canon Pro 100 printer
  • When referring to the printout, check the connection that indicates active. And the SSID indicates the correct name of the wireless network.

Hope this article is helpful to you!!!