Is the canon MG2522 printer the ideal printer?

Canon Pixma MG2522 is an ideal printer for personal as well as professional purposes. It enables users to print, copy, and scan their documents. It is compatible with both operating systems, i.e., Windows and iOS. Follow the steps mentioned below to perform the Canon Pixma MG2522 wireless setup procedure.

Step 1: Unbox Canon Pixma mg2522 Printer

  • To begin with, cut the tapes on the printer box carefully and pull the brand new Canon printer out.
  • Then, place the Canon printer on a flat dry surface. Then, clear all the packing materials and tapes off the printer’s body.
  • After that, check the box for the accessories, you get the new Canon printer, power cable, Driver installation CD, and ink cartridges.
  • Then, open the cartridge slot on the Canon printer and check for any packing material.
  • Then carefully pull out the materials, if any, and throw them for recycling.
  • Finally, get the Canon Pixma mg2522 printer ready for turning it on.

Step 2: Connect Power Cable & Display settings

  • To begin with, connect the new canon printer to the power supply, use the original power cable that comes in the pack.
  • Then, establish a secure connection between the canon printer and the wall outlet.
  • Then, turn on your printer and wait for the LCD to power up.
  • After that, you can change the basic preferences for your canon printer and these changes include your location, date, time, and language.
  • In case, if your canon’s printer does not have a display or touch screen, you can change these settings during the driver installation.

Step 3: Download & Install Canon Printer Driver

The final and vital step in the Canon connect printer setup is the driver and software installation. Usually, you get a Canon driver installation CD/DVD with the pack. This CD has only the basic set of drivers and software for basic functioning. Also, these driver versions are dated the printer manufacturing year. On the other hand, the Canon drivers and software available on the website are the latest versions. With the drivers from the website, you can enable the full Canon printer features with a click.

  • To begin with, the Canon printer Driver and Software installation process, download the latest driver file to the computer.
  • You can use either the Windows or the MAC computer.
  • Now, run the installation file and follow the set of instructions on the screen.
  • Then, choose the connection mode between the Canon printer and the computer when the wizard asks.
  • Here you can choose either the wired or the wireless mode.
  • However, we recommend the USB setup mode for the initial printer setup process.
  • Finally, complete the Canon printer software installation process by adding your new Canon printer to the device Windows or MAC.

Step 4: Wireless Setup for Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer on Windows

Connect your Windows device and the wireless network to Canon Printer MG2522. Now, for this, you need the updated set of software, drivers, and a secure wifi network. After that, follow the simple instructions below. These instructions can connect the Windows device to the printer wirelessly.

  • First, power up your Windows device and canon mg2522 Printer.
  • Next, download the compatible and newest set of drivers & software to your device.
  • After that, click the driver file and continue with the steps on the wizard.
  • Then, a wizard appears on your Windows screen for selecting the network set up mode.
  • Here choose “Without USB cable” and continue with the instructions.
  • Now, a wizard pops on the printer screen to enable the wireless mode.
  • Here, enter your wifi name and password to continue with the process.
  • After that, access the “Setup Machine” option on your Windows screen.
  • Now, you can see several devices from which you have to choose your printer model.
  • After that, move on with the setup process to finish the canon printer wireless setup.

Step 5: Wireless Setup for Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer on Mac

Connecting Canon MG2522 printer wireless to MAC is similar to that of Windows. After downloading the latest Canon MG2522 driver, follow the steps below:

  • Initially, turn on the Canon MG2522 printer to initiate the Wireless setup.
  • Then, run the downloaded Canon printer driver file and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Now, the wizard asks for choosing the connection mode – With USB cable, Without USB cable.
  • Here, we recommend you select “Setup without USB cable” as this is the standard model of setup.
  • Then, the waits for the wizard to run a quick search on the available wireless networks nearby.
  • After that, from the list of Wifi networks, select your Wifi name and connect the printer to it.
  • Now, on the printer panel, press the Settings button and then the Wifi icon. As a result, the printer gets connected to the same Wifi as your MAC.
  • Next, on the Setup Machine screen, select your Canon printer name to add it to the MAC wireless.
  • Finally, from the list of software, select the ones necessarily, and install them to your MAC.

Step 6: Install Canon Printer MG2522 Cartridges

  • To install the cartridges for your Canon printer, open the cartridge access door.
  • Canon mg2522 printers uses ink tanks, and some use cartridges.
  • You can use the same steps for both cartridge and tank installation.
  • Now, take the new cartridge or the Tank from the pack and shake it well before installing it.
  • Then, check for any plastic material under the cartridge tank slot and clear it.
  • Now, unwrap the new Canon cartridge or the Tank.
  • Here, peel off the masking tape over the copperhead.
  • Then, insert the cartridges into the respective slots and close the cartridge access door.

Now, you are successfully done with the Canon MG2522 printer setup process. Hope this article is helpful to you. Thank you!!