Effective Ways to Fix the P02 Error Code

Canon Printer Error P02 is encountered when there is a problem with the Ink cartridge. For resolving this error check the connection.

Causes of Canon Printer Error P02:

  • The ink Cartridge is not install properly.
  • The ink cartridge holder is jammed.

How to fix the Canon Printer Error P02?

A well-explained guide has been written which will help you to solve this error within a minute.

Perform the power cycle:


Clean the input tray:

  • Turn off the canon printer and unplug the cables from the socket.
  • Take out the input tray and then clean the tray.
  • Then, clean Canon Printhead and re-insert the input tray properly.
  • Use a torch and check whether the pins or tape is stuck inside the printer.
  • Press the power button and then restart the canon printer.

Remove jammed paper:


Unplug the cables and turn off the canon printer. Open the printer cover and refill the Canon cartridge. Use cotton and clean Canon ink cartridge. Find the jammed paper using the torch. Then, clear the blockage and remove the jammed paper. Remove the obstructions and foreign objects carefully. Turn on the canon printer.

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