How to Fix Canon Printer Error E51 in a few steps?

This Canon printer error E51 usually occurs when the printer device is not able to connect to a server. This is the most common error caused by a bad internet connection.

Reasons behind Error E51:

  • Unable to connect to the server.
  • Poor network connection.
  • The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized.

How to solve the Canon Printer Error E51?

  1. First, check whether the web services are working or not. Use the user manual or end-user guides for web applications and make users understand the problem. Also, check network connection on printer.
  2. If you’re using a wired connection check the ethernet cables.
  1. But if you’re using a wireless connection then check the IP address and make sure that the router is working properly or not. Select the Start button, and click on Settings  > Network & Internet Status > IP address.
  2. If you’re using a guest network then disconnect the connection because the guest network might restrict the server.
  3. When you’ve successfully established the internet connection green light starts blinking.
  4. This error is the same as Canon Printer Error 1682 if the error occurs when the Ink cartridge is not recognized properly.
  5. If the cartridge is damaged then purchase new one. Replace Canon cartridge.

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