How to fix Canon Printer Error E50?

Your printer failed to scan the alignment sheet causing your Canon printer error E50. Correct this error by using service mode otherwise correct your error E50 by this article.

Resolve the Canon Printer Error E50:

Follow the Instructions for resolving the Canon Printer Error Code E50 –

  • Press the Stop/Reset button and perform the print head alignment.
  • Place the paper sheet in the correct position.
  • Clean the platen glass if it is dirty.
  • Make sure that you’re using an A4 size sheet in the paper tray.

Enter into service mode:

  • Press the Power button and disconnect the cables for turning off the Canon Printer.
  • Press the Start/stop button or Resume/cancel button.
  • Hold the Start/Stop button or Resume/Cancel button and press the power button.
  • When the green light turns on release the Start/Stop or Resume/Cancel button.
  • Press the Start/Stop or Resume/Cancel button twice.
  • Wait for a while until the printer shows 0.
  • Connect the cables and turn on your canon Printer again.

Remove Memory Card:

If your Canon Printer has a memory card then remove it. Now, after removing the card follow the above solution again. If you don’t find the memory card then there is an issue with the internal memory of the Canon Printer. Send your Canon printer to the service center.

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