How do you Fix Error Code E17 on a Canon Printer?

Canon Printer Error E17 happens when the front input tray is closed or damaged. If its related to physically damaged which can only be resolved by visiting the nearest canon printer service center however other solutions can also be applied in case of other issues.

Reason: This error is encountered when there is jammed paper inside the printer.

Ways to Solve Canon Printer Error E17 :

Here we’re discussing 3 ways of resolving this Error E17.

Check out the Front Feed tray :


You will face this error when the front feed is close. First, pull out the front input tray and press the Resume/cancel button. If the error is not resolved, remove the jammed paper stuck inside the canon printer.

Remove Jammed paper:


Open the Printer cover and check whether the piece of paper is stuck inside the printer. Open the Input tray and remove the papers for a while. Once you remove all the jammed paper reload the papers in the input tray. If the Canon Printer Error E17 is not resolving, reset your canon printer.

Reset the Canon Printer:

  • Turn off your canon printer and disconnect all the cables from the wall outlet.
  • Press and hold the Stop and Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Now, release the Stop button and hold the Power button.
  • Press the stop button twice and release the Power button.
  • Wait for seconds while the notification pop-ups.

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