How do I fix the P07 error on the Canon printer?

We encounter this Canon Printer Error E07 when the ink cartridge is placed in the incorrect position. If your canon printer is physically damaged then you’ve to contact the service center. Resolution steps are briefly explained in this article.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error E07?

  • Open the printer cover and move the Ink cartridge smoothly.
  • Remove both the Ink Cartridge properly.
  • Check the labels of black and color Ink Cartridges:
    Black Cartridge (PG-37/PG-40/PG-50/PG-510/PG-512/PG-540/PG-540XL)
    Color Cartridge (CL-38/CL-41/CL-51/CL-511/CL-513/CL-541/CL-541XL)
  • Set the Ink cartridge again in the correct position inside the printer.
  • This process will surely fix Error E07.

After following the above steps the error notification will disappear. But if you’re facing the error again then it is miss-labeled by the producer/manufacturer. You can also make sure that the cartridge is colored or black by checking the metallic plate located on the underside. But if the error remains the same, then contact the Canon Printer Experts.

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