FINE Cartridge placed incorrectly – Error E05

The ink cartridge is not installed properly which may cause this Canon Printer Error E05. If you’re searching for more information about this error then read my full article for an easy solution.

Reasons behind Error E05:

  • The ink Cartridge is dirty.
  • The ink Cartridge is not installed properly.
  • Inappropriate position of the printhead.

How to solve Canon Printer Error E05?

Reset the Canon Printer:

Resetting the printer can resolve all your issues. Use the function buttons (Power & Stop buttons). Reset the canon printer is a simple resolution. After resetting restart the canon printer. Now, it is ready for use.

Factory Reset the Canon Printer:

Turn on the canon printer and open the menu. Click on the setup option > Device settings > OK > Resetting option > OK. You can also change canon printer settings.

Clearing Blockage in ink cartridge:


Blockage in the ink cartridge might cause this error. Open the printer cover and find the jammed paper. If you find any jammed paper then remove jammed paper. If you find any dust particles on the ink cartridge clean the canon cartridge. Replace Canon Cartridge if it is faulty or damaged.

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