What Does Error E04 Mean on a Canon Printer?

Fine cartridges not installed properly in your printer can cause Canon printer error E04. For resolving this error first you’ve to reinstall the Ink cartridges.

Reasons behind Error E04:

  • Recognizing more than one of the ink cartridges.
  • The ink cartridge is not installed properly.

Steps to fix Error E04 Canon printer:


Step 1: Unplug the power & USB cables and turn off the canon printer properly.
Step 2: Open the printer cover and remove the cartridge gently.
Step 3: Now, check if the cartridge is faulty or damaged. If yes, write down the model number of the ink cartridge.
Step 4: Wipe all the contacts and purchase a new ink cartridge.
Step 5: Clean the internal parts of the printer gently using a piece of cloth.
Step 6: Replace Canon cartridge properly. Now, close the printer cover.
Step 7: Turn on the printer and plug in all the cables.

NOTE: Change both the Ink Cartridge black and color.

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