How to Eliminate the Error E03 Canon Printers?

Canon printer blocks many functions which might cause this Canon Printer Error E03. Eliminate this error by applying some resolution steps.

Reasons behind Error E03:

  • The printer cover is blocked.
  • Jammed paper inside the canon printer.
  • Problem with Output slot.

Resolve the Canon Printer Error E03 –

Ways to resolve this error E03 effectively & quickly.

Check the Printer Cover :

  • Turn off the canon printer and open the printer cover.
  • Check if any foreign object or packing material is stuck inside the canon printer.
  • But, if you find anything which is stuck then remove it.
  • Clean the Printhead properly.
  • Then, check if the error appears or not.
  • So, it is shown again to use another method for resolution.

Remove Jammed paper :

Turn off the canon printer and open the printer cover. Now find the paper or piece of paper stuck inside the canon printer. If you find the jammed paper and remove jammed paper by pushing it out gently without tearing it.

Clear Paper Output tray:

  • Disconnect the printer and open the printer cover.
  • Now, push out the output tray and then find the jammed paper.
  • Hold the paper with the help of both hands and then push it out without damaging internal parts.
  • Then, reset the canon printer by using the function buttons.
  • Use the appropriate paper size and change canon printer settings as per requirements.

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