How do I Fix Error Code E02?

Usually, Canon Printer Error e02 encounters when you’re using paper that is not installed in the correct position. You can also face this error when the feed roller is dirty.

Reasons behind Error e02:

  • Overheating of the printhead.
  • Paper cannot be loaded properly.

Remedies for fixing Canon Printer Error e02:

3 steps are given in this article for resolution.

Error e02 resolve by Resetting the printer:


This error occurs when the printer overheats. Unplug the cables and wait until the printer cools down. This process might help you to reset the canon printer.

Load the paper properly:

Make sure that you load the papers in the correct form. Don’t overload the input paper tray. Ensure that the blades are placed in the correct position. Load the papers in the correct frequency and position.

Clean the feed rollers:

Clean the feed roller placed inside the printer. The input tray usually causes many issues so I recommend you remove all the pages when you’re not performing any activities. If you find any jammed paper inside the printer then remove the jammed paper properly.

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