How do I Resolve the Issue of Canon Error E04?

Canon Printer Error Code E04 indicates an issue with the Ink cartridge. The Ink cartridge is not seated in the correct position can be the reason for this error.

Canon Printer Error Code E04– Causes

  • Inappropriate position of the Ink cartridge.
  • Your Printer is not recognizing the ink Cartridge.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error Code E04?

Instructions to fix Error Code E04 are given below:

Replace the Ink cartridge:


When the Ink Cartridge is faulty or damaged you’ll need to replace the faulty ink cartridge with a new one. Unplug the power cables from the wall socket. Open the Printer cover and remove the faulty cartridge. Write the model number and purchase a new ink cartridge. Replace Canon Cartridge in the correct position.

Restart the Canon printer:


Sometimes a normal restart method resolves your issues. Use the power and stop buttons for turning off the printer. After waiting for a while Restart Canon printer and check whether the error is resolves or not.

Clear all the contacts:

Remove all the packing material and wipe all the front contacts. Use a piece of paper or clean the dust with a clean cloth. Re-install the contacts again and check whether the error is resolves or not.

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