Clearing Canon Pixma Error Message C000

This Canon Printer Error C000 shows an internal error with the Canon printer. This message notifies you when you’re performing any printing jobs. Resolving this error is quite easy.

Causes of Canon Printer Error C000:

  • The ink tank is not installed properly.
  • Jammed paper or object which is stuck inside the printer.
  • The ink cartridge is empty.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error C000?

Remove Packing Materials:


Stuck Packing material can block the printing path while you’re performing a print job. Simply you’ve to open the printer cover and remove all the types of printing material such as tape, polystyrene, etc. Gently remove packing material or remove jammed paper that obstructs printing then turn on the printer.

Ink Cartridges are installed properly:

This error occurs when the Ink tank is not installed properly. Open the printer cover and make sure that all the ink tanks are installed properly. But if the ink tanks are seated properly then you’ve to reseat the all ink tanks or replace canon cartridge.

Refill the Ink cartridges:


Sometimes empty cartridge can cause this error. You can resolve this reason by refilling the ink. Check cartridges one by one and refill canon ink cartridge. After completing refilling the ink tanks, replace the canon cartridge. Now, check whether the error is resolved or not.

Reset your Canon device:

Turn off the canon and use the function buttons to reset the canon printer in a simple way. Wait for a while until your printer cools down. Turn on the printer device again and back to your work again. Start performing printing jobs so that you can able to check whether the error is resolved or not.

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