Print head contacts are damaged that causes Error 7800

Canon Printer Error 7800 encounters when the print head contacts are damaged due to faulty or third-party cartridges used. You can easily resolve this error by using the following solution steps given in this article.

Resolve Canon Printer Error 7800

  1. Replace old cartridges with Canon-branded cartridges
  2. Replace Print head

Resolve the following error by using the following steps:-

1. Replace the Cartridge:

  • Turn On the printer and Open the Front cover
  • Open output tray
  • Remove any paper if there and open the paper output cover
  • Move the cartridge holder to the replacement position, and hold on till the cartridge holder stops.
  • Push down the cartridge and remove it.
  • Insert the new cartridge in the cartridge holder. Color cartridge at left and black at right
  • Push the cartridge slowly, do not touch any electrical parts
  • The cartridge should be lined up with other cartridges

2. Replace Print Head:

  • Press the power button and then the setup button.
  • Choose the maintenance option.
  • Click on the OK button now, and start the replacement.
  • Open the printer cover and move the valve lever towards the left.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Open the print head cover and pull out the print head.
  • Move it towards you and take out the print head.
  • Unpack the new print head and install the print head in the correct positions.
  • The colored print head is placed in the left holder and the black print head is placed in the right holder.
  • Check the label properly then install the print head.
  • Turn off the Canon Printer and open the Printer cover.
  • Now, carefully remove the old print head and insert a new one.
  • Push down the print head and press the joint buttons.
push-the-joints-button for resolving Canon Printer Error 7800
  • Move the ink valve lever on the right side.
  • Close the Printer Cover.

NOTE: If the error is not resolved after following the above steps you can apply for warranty services. If your device is out of warranty now, then contact the canon printer professionals they might help you.

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