Why does Canon printer keep saying error 6C10?

Canon Printer Error 6c10 appears if the Ink tank is full of waste ink and at that time printer stops printing. This error occurs due to the non-cleaning of the printer for a long time which causes sticky ink on the print head. Know how to resolve this error.

Cause of Canon Printer Error 6c10:

This error occurs when the Ink tank placed inside the printer is full of waste Ink.

How to solve the Canon Printer Error 6c10?

Follow the below steps to resolve the error:

  1. Place the Ink Cartridge in the Correct Position
    • Open the Printer cover and check the Ink Cartridge position whether it is in the center or not. If the Ink cartridge is in the center then you’ll now be able to see the while rollers behind the cartridge. Make sure that both Ink Cartridge is in the Correct positions.
  1. Clear Roller with Soft cloth
    • You will find a small piece of plastic sticking out and ink is spread over it. Clean this plastic with a soft cloth, and make sure this plastic should not torn. If the Ink is spread outside the Cartridge clean it properly. After cleaning the Plastic and ink make sure that you’ve cleaned the Inkpad also.
  1. Clean the Foam Pad –
    • In front of the plastic piece, a square object is found which looks like foam and is used to collect excessive ink. Suck excessive ink with the use of Paper or cloth until all ink is removed from this foam pad.
  2. Remove Packing Material stuck inside the Printer –
    • There is the possibility that packing material is not removed properly. Sometimes foreign objects are stuck inside the printer. The jammed paper is also one of the main reasons for the occurrence of this error. If you find any jammed paper inside the printer remove it by using your both hands.
  1. Restart Printer
    • Unplug the power cables and USB cables to turn off the canon printer. After waiting for a while, turn on the printer again. After this, you’ll need to reset the canon printer.
    • Turn off the Canon printer. Press and hold the Resume and Power buttons simultaneously. Now, hold the power button and release the resume button. Turn on the power button.

Due to waste ink collected at the print head, the ink absorber counter provides wrong information to sensors which may cause canon error 5b00. Let’s reset the ink absorber counter.

Quick-Step to reset ink absorber count

  1. Switch off the printer.
  2. Press the resume button and Power Button simultaneously and hold it for 3 Seconds.
  3. Now, Move your finger from the Resume button but continue to press Power Button.
  4. Press the Resume button 2 times and release both buttons at the same time.
  5. Press the Resume button 4 times followed by the time power button.
  6. Unplug the printer and plug it in again absorber counter will get reset.

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