Problem with the Purge unit causes Error 6A81

Canon printer error 6A81 is encountered when there is a problem with the purge unit. Some objects stuck inside the printer can cause this error. Resolve this error by replacing or clearing out the slots.

Causes of Canon Printer Error 6A81:

  • Purge unit error.
  • An obstruction within the printer.
  • Blockage inside the canon printer.
  • The ink absorber is not working properly.

Fix the Canon Printer Error 6A81:

Resolve the Purge unit error:

We face this error when something is stuck in the purge unit. Open the printer cover and check the internal parts of the printer like the Ink Cartridge or roller and find the jammed object. Remove jammed paper after this lift the cartridge and search for the object by using a torch in the machine and check the purge unit. If you can’t find the object then there is a problem with the purge unit.

Clean the dirty Roller:


Turn off the canon printer and open the printer cover. Clean the paper roller by using a dry cloth and remove the dust particles. Clean Canon printhead properly without touching your hands.

Replace the ink cartridges:


If your ink cartridge is faulty or damaged then it will definitely cause this error. Replace Canon cartridge but first, shake it. Sometimes some objects are stuck inside the printer like pens and paper clips. If that works, then try to print again.

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