What is Error 6A80 in Canon Printer?

Canon Printer Error 6A80 is encountered when the Ink cartridge is faulty or any foreign object is stuck inside your printer. Continuous hours of operation can also causes this error 6A80.

Causes of Error 6A80:

Methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error 6a80:

Replace the cartridges:


For resolution first, you’ve to replace canon cartridge. The second option is to use new ink. Sometimes ink cartridge collects waste ink that causes this error. Check whether the error still persists or not if it appears again then jump to the next solution.

Clean the printer:


It is the most common solution which helps many canon users in the resolution of this error. Disconnect all the cables from the wall outlet. Open the printer cover and clean canon printhead using cotton or a piece of cloth. Then clean canon ink cartridge properly by dipping the cotton in warm water. Reinstall the cartridge and close the printer cover. Perform a print job and check whether the error still appears or not.

Reset the printer:

If the above steps don’t work then resolve your error by performing simple resetting steps. Disconnect the power cables and turn off the printer. Reset the canon printer so that it will help you identify the issue.

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