How to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 6000?

Canon Printer Error 6000 is caused by a blockage in the paper feed tray. The most common reason is a paper jam that may cause Errors. You just need to clear the blockage because it will damage the internal parts of the printer.

Canon Printer Error 6000 – Causes

  • When something is stuck in front of the Paper feed tray.
  • Jammed paper.
  • Any foreign particles stuck inside the printer.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6000 –

Here we’re resolving this error by three methods.

Reset and Restart the Canon printer:


Detach the cables from the socket and use the buttons to reset the canon printer. If the error still persists you’ve to restart Canon Printer properly by following some instructions. After completing the resetting and restarting process check whether the error still appears or not. If it appears then follow the next method.

Remove the Jammed Paper:


If the paper is stuck inside your printer remove it quickly. It blocks the rollers now, you’ve to remove Jammed Paper. You can also enter service into canon service mode. Test a document and check if it is working now.

Update the Printer Driver:

An outdated printer driver can cause this error 6000. Use the printer settings option and Update Canon Printer driver. After updating the printer driver successfully Insert the papers in the input tray. Now, after completing the process check if the problem is resolves or not.

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