Error Message “Support Code 5b02” Ink Absorber is full

When the Ink Absorber is full of waste ink at that time the message”Error 5b02″ is shown. You can easily resolve this Canon Printer Error 5b02 by performing a simple reset.

Error 5b02 – Causes

  • When the waste ink gets fully absorbed.
  • The printer has crossed the printing limit.
  • Internal fault with the printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b02?

Two effective ways of resolving this error 5b02:

Reset your Canon Printer:


Unplug the power cables from the wall outlet and turn off the power. Remove all the wired connections and set up the connection after waiting for 5 minutes. Press the resume button and reset the Canon printer. After resetting the user must turn off the printer and turn it on again.

Enter into service tool:

When the error 5b02 is not resolved by following the above method then use the service mode and resolve the error automatically. Check if the Ink Absorber is dirty then clean Canon Ink Absorber properly. Through the settings option, you can easily enter service into canon service mode. If the error still appears then contact the Canon printer professionals.

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