How to ignore the Canon error message “5800”?

The ink absorber collects waste ink that causes this Canon printer error 5800. It is the most common error that occurs in many canon printers. Follow the steps given below for a proper and quick solution.

Causes of Error 5800:

  • Due to waste ink.
  • Faulty Ink Absorber.
  • Ink spills on your printer.

Solve the Canon Printer Error 5800:

We’re going to tell you the two effective methods of resolving this error 5800.

Clean the Ink Absorber:


When the Ink Absorber collects the waste ink then your printer stops printing. It is most important to Clean Canon Ink Absorber so that your printer will starts printing. After the cleaning process, you just need to reset the Ink Absorber so that you can perform various activities. Unplug the cables and use the cotton balls for cleaning. After the completion of this process check if the error still persists or not.

Set the service mode:

Service mode helps your printer in repairing automatically. Use the system settings and enter service into canon service mode. Run a maintenance program and also change Canon printer settings. Check if the error still appears or not.

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