How do I Resolve the 5400 Error Code?

Canon Printer Error 5400 appears when the Ink Cartridge overheats and then your Canon printer flashes the green light 6 times. Here we’re going to tell you some steps that are worked well for many Canon Printer users.

Reason: When the temperature of your Canon printer is excessive.

Resolve the Canon Printer Error 5400:

Here are some possible ways by which you can fix this error 5400:

Solve the Overheating Issue:

First, you’ll need to disconnect the printer cable from the power outlet. Leave it for a few minutes until the printer cools down.

Clean the Ink Cartridge:

If the above step doesn’t resolve your issue then clean the printer and Ink Cartridge properly.

Refill the Ink Cartridge:

Try to clean the print head and refill the Ink cartridge properly because it might have filled the contacts with the ink. When you clean the Ink Cartridge first dip the cotton in alcohol instead of water.

Change the Printer Settings:-

  • Turn off your Canon Printer and press the menu button.
  • For accessing the administrative menu, press the scan button.
  • In the menu list, you’ll see the NYRAM ACCESS option.
  • Choose the NYRAM ACCESS option and then ABS-M Level 0.
  • Now, select the ABS-P Level 0 option.
  • Press the Stop key.

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