How to Easily Eliminate the Error 5100 Code?

The inappropriate position of the ink tank can be the reason for Canon printer error 5100. Paper jam is one of the common reasons for most canon printer errors. Steps of rectification are given in this article.

Reasons behind Canon Printer Error 5100:

  • The printer’s pathway was blocked.
  • Due to Jammed paper or paper which is stuck inside the printer.
  • The encoder strip is dirty.

How to resolve Canon Printer Error 5100?

Follow the given instructions and resolve your issues:

Reset the Ink Cartridge Properly:


Due to the inappropriate position of the Ink cartridge, you might face this issue. If you want to resolve this issue Reset the Canon cartridge.

  • Unplug the power cables from the wall outlet.
  • Open the printer cover and remove the Ink cartridge.
  • You can also clean Canon ink Cartridge properly.
  • Reinsert the cartridge again.
  • Now, try to print out something.

Reset the Canon Printer:

Sometimes we just need to Reset the Canon Printer for resolving the error. You must have to reset the printer every few days. Press the stop button 5 times and release it. The printer should now work fine.

Clear the Jammed Paper:

Paper jam is a very common problem due to which you might face this error 5100. For resolving this error you’ve to remove jammed paper. Open the printer cover and clear out the paper.

Clean the Printing Strip:


Printing strips is playing an important role in printing. Unplug the cables and check the printer strip if it is clean or not. If not then use a piece of cloth and clean the printer strips.

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